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You can purchase the CNC Milling Training Programs by going to the 'Prices' page of this website.

38 G code cnc training programs.

System requirements:-

Windows 95/98/2000/2003/NT4/ME/XP/XP64/Vista

32 MB of RAM, 4 MB disk space

Adapt the programs to suit your requirements.

This software is intended for people with at least a basic knowledge of cnc milling, like a cnc operator wanting to progress to cnc programming, or a cnc programmer wanting to learn fanuc style programming.

G codes and M codes are included for a quick and easy reference.

Free DNC program also available, to transfer your cnc programs to and from your cnc machine.

Also, free simulation software to test your programs (only simulates basic programs, not suitable for using sub programs or macros).

The programs will run on cnc milling machines that use G code programs, including Fanuc, Haas, Mazak, Yasnak and Mitsubishi. Fanuc 0M controls will not run the macro programs. All of the programs are for 3 axis machines. You will receive the editing software as a download, and other software by email. Also, you will receive a manual containing all of the component drawings, as a pdf file (Adobe reader can be downloaded for free at their website). Below, is a list of the programs included.

Three drilled holes randomly spaced

Circular arc recessed

Three groups of holes (absolute and incrementally programmed)

Three reamed holes randomly spaced

Raised profile with circular arc

Circular boss using arc approach and depart

Milling of counterbored holes using I or J

Linear hole pattern using sub programs

Linear hole pattern using macro grid program

Linear offset hole pattern using sub programs

Tapped holes randomly spaced

Milling of raised square boss

Raised shaped boss

Rounding corners

Tapped holes on linear hole pattern

Three groups of tapped holes

Row of equally spaced reamed holes

Profiled recess with circular arc

Raised hexagon

Two identical profiled shapes using sub program

Rounding / chamfering corners

Two rows of holes using sub program

Milling slots with sub program

Milling slots with macro program


Two identical profiled shapes using mirror imaging


Four identical profiled shapes using mirror imaging

Two bolt hole circles using macro program

Holes in line on angle using macro program

Rectangular pocket with corner rads using macro program

Circular and rectangular pockets using macro programs

Linear offset hole pattern of tapped holes using sub programs

Holes on a pitch circle diameter

Two double bolt hole circles tapped, using bolt hole circle macro

Two double bolt hole circles on different levels, using bolt hole circle macro

Two identical profiled shapes with one rotated at 30 degrees


The following example program, will machine the recess shown in the drawing at the bottom of the screen.


Milling course.jpg

Example drawing